Hi, I'm Laurabe

Children’s illustrator, mainly focusing on Education and Non-fiction -also an architect who plays the violin

Fotografía de Laura

Nacida en Bilbao, mi temprana pasión por el dibujo acabó llevándome a estudiar arquitectura, profesión que he desempeñado durante unos años. Sin embargo, un día me di cuenta de que siendo arquitecta no se dibujaba lo suficiente, así que di un giro a mi vida y retomé la plumilla y los pinceles para dedicarme por entero a la ilustración.

Obviamente, me gusta mucho dibujar edificios. Pero lo realmente divertido es contar las historias que acontecen en ellos.

I am that big girl full of curiosity, imagination and desire to learn who still remembers some of the illustrations that appeared in the books of her childhood (a long time ago).

Along the way I studied architecture and worked as an architect for several years, without ever losing my love for drawing.

Today I am the one who leaves illustrations around, trying to awaken the curiosity of children and adults, and with the hope that one day someone will suddenly remember that illustration of mine that appeared in the books of their childhood.

Oh, I am also passionate about history, cinema and classical music. I am a member of my university orchestra and I never (never!) get bored.

I have had the pleasure of working with people such as:

Editorial SM - Beijing RZ Books - Hal Leonard Europe - Miskatonic High comic - Getxo City Council

Fotografía de Laura
Fotografía de Laura

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